dkornbluh asked:

Your blog kind of sucks. The font is too big, and the answers are crappy. Can you do better? For example, on my polarity question, you might has well not have answered, because I'm no better informed.

Thanks for the feedback. How about this new temporary theme until we can get a proper integrated look?

Regarding your polarity question, let me try again with more words:

You need at least one +ve and one -ve electrode for a current to flow. The headset supports up to 4 electrode channels. Two fixed, on the headset (left and right), and two with the optional cable. The cables are preset to be one +ve and one -ve, but the fixed electrodes in the headset can be switched polarity or turned off.

So either side of the headset can be set to +ve, or -ve or off. 

You really need to have a good reason to tweak these settings, but we included them into the circuitry and API for flexibility.

Hope that helps?

dkornbluh asked:

Playing around with the settings in the app, and I'm wondering what the difference is between Right = Positive, Left = Negative vs. Right = Positive, Left = None. Can you explain?

This lets you change the polarity on the fixed electrodes or turn them off if using the external electrodes.

raphec asked:

Hi, I recently purchased a focus device (one of the refurbished ones you were selling at a great discount). I have been using it with my Nexus 5 Android phone. What I have found is that at the end of the program, it finishes with a sharp spike. Is this expected behaviour? Can you also advise if there will be any update to the Android software as it is my understanding it is lacking some features from the iphone software. Thanks, raph

It should not finish with a spike, no. Are you taking the headset off before the program has completed?

We are working on the android update but it is taking way longer than it should. Sorry for the delay.

runaes asked:

I placed an order Order Date: 2013-Nov-20 20:45:57 UTCand have had no updates or notifications? Yet I see you guys shipping them out everywhere apparently.

I am very sorry. If you have still not receievd anything (and i really hope this has been resolved by support) please email and I will send you a headset and a refund. Thanks, Michael